Breathtaking nature and cozy cottages

Do you want to take a little break from everyday life next to beautiful lake view? Lahtelan lomamökit offers you an excellent place to relax in Enonlahti, Mäntyharju. Beautiful, untouched nature will engage you with multiple miracles.

Four cottages with great buildup, three of them are in all year use. Lahtelan tila has offered accommodations since 2000. Organical farming is close to our heart and we are also selling organic honey straight from our farm.

Welcome to enjoy experiential holiday!


Little bit of history and present

Since 1900s several generations have been cultivated in Lahtela’s lands. Now Juha is the man on charge, with his wife Päivi and kids Jaakko, Emma and Aapo. Latest generational change was made in 1992, when old farm owners Seppo and Leila decided to step down from charge. Barn saw the last cows in 1982. Now a days they farm has multiple functions: farming, forestry, cottages and contract work.

Currently, there are four holiday cottages for a rent; Kanerva, Hongisto, Aurinkokumpu and Kapasaari. All of them are close by lake Enonvesi, which offers a lot things to see and experience. Mäntyharju is also great place to spend time; Taidekeskus Salmela, summer theatres and market squares surprises every year with great supplies. Repovesi national park is magnificent as a whole and amusement parks Tykkimäki and Visulahti provide great things to do with the whole family!