uudistettu keittiö
uudistettu keittiö


  • Available living space 42 m²
  • beds 5. sofabed 2 person in downstairs, 1 bed to child ( under 10 years)
  • 2 floors
  • suitable for summer and winter (heated)
  • close to the farm
  • cleaning price 80 euro
  • distance to the beach 180 m, Saunabuilding can use summertime at 3-7 p.m. Customer responsible for cleaning

A logging former state-of-the-art "backpack" that enlivens old-fashioned living. Upstairs has 5 beds, 1 youth bed.
Downstairs is sofabed size 130 * 200.
In the surrounding terrain you will find varied terrains and you can explore the farm's activities.
For rent SUP boards 60 euros / day / board.
The beach is within walking distance (about 150 meters from the cottage), with a summer sauna available. The time runs between 15 and 19 every day.
One-day price of 100 euros.
The changeover day is FRIDAY. Outside low season negotiable.
Mäntyharju is a versatile cultural center and versatile sports facilities. In the summer, there are many events and fresh local products on the market. Every year, the Art Center Salmela is impressed with a stunning artwork. WHD GÅRG just 15 minutes away is a varied farm complex with its restaurants and car museum. The 2017 novelty is Marsalkka Mannerheim's car.
Ahvenisto's summer hall is open 3.6.-26.8.2017 on Saturdays at 10-12. Local producers spot their varied and fresh products. Organized by Enonkylät ry.

Ahvenisto's Apaja open in the same place open all summer from May to September. Pärnämäentie 804, 52980 Ahvenainen. There is a bar and small foodshop.

Cabbins equipment

Equipment: Aurinkokumpu Hongisto Kanerva Kapasaari
electricity yes yes yes yes
sauna yes yes yes yes
shower yes yes yes -
running water yes yes yes yes
toilet (indoors) yes yes yes -
stove yes yes yes -
refrigerator yes yes yes yes
dishwasher yes - yes -
washing machine - - yes -
microwave oven yes yes yes -
TV yes yes yes -
radio yes yes yes yes
boat yes yes yes yes